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Nikki the Demon Hedgehog Reference by ExorcistLilium Nikki the Demon Hedgehog Reference by ExorcistLilium

Yep. Here's Nikki and I changed her a lot. Her peach fur on her is only on her chest in a shape of a heart. Though that it would make her more cuter. X3 That and I shorten her hair. Don't have much characters with short hairs. Gonna change that. XD

 Name: Nikki
Full Name: Nikki Guru Faal
Age: 16
BoD: Feb. 3 1997
Species: Half Demon and Half Hedgehog
Relationship: Magnum the Hedgehog
Family: Sophia (Mother), NightSlash (Father)
Powers: Glitter Glow, Pendent Revival, MicroBlade, Scarring Slash, Echo Echo Boom, MicroScyth
Personalities: Nice, sweet, short tempered, sassy, clever, mean (at times), kind hearted, friendly
Likes: Music, cameras, famous people, dancers, singing, performing, evil magic, monster movies, sun, boys, flowers, shopping (shops way different), dragons, monsters (certain kinds), her parents, friends, fans, romance, books
Dislikes: Dr. Robotnik, minions, screamo, wooden puppets, robots, darkness, dark minds, criminals, show offs (depends), rude people, villains
Weapon: Herself (She's a demon duh. XD)
Team: Team Mischief (Flight)
Bio Story:  As a kid, she was always an active child. She never cried at sad movies or raised her voice at her parents. Born as an only child made her feel alone, but she has her parents to make it up for that. She was her daddy's and mommy's little girl. When she got into elementary school, she was super smart. Acing all her test and homework, the teachers loved her. But she didn't want to be a super smart student that much, she wanted to sing. Singing and dancing was her real talent. She started to sing when she was 4 yrs. old. Her parents supported her whatever she did. But it wasn't the same when she was turned 7. They were all at home, just enjoying family time. Eggman comes in, looking for more victims for the roboticizer. He tries to catch them all. Nikki ended slipping out of his grip and fell to the ground. He grasped her parents and was about to leave. Nikki got in the way and ran towards Eggman's robots. She kicked every single one of them down. Eggman had about enough of her. His robot took its metal sword out and slashed Nikki on the eye. Nikki passed out while Eggman took off with her parents. Two days later, Nikki finally woke up and watched the news. She seen that her parents has became robots. She cried and looked at the screen. She noticed that she has a scar for life now. She ran away and wanted to make her parents proud of what she does. But once she gains more skills than her first battle, she'll rescue her parents and return them back to normal. She swears on her life.
EXTRA: Her birth mark appears on her forehead when she turns into her demon form. Her eyes changes to her mother's eye colors when in demon form.

Nikki Belongs to me
Magnum Belongs to :iconsoul-the-mysterious:

DANTETHEFLAMEHOG Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
She's cute
ExorcistLilium Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
She was really hard to make a new look for. I'm really glad it came out well.
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December 3, 2013
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